We all love to ride…but we need to keep our horses in mind because they are doing all the work. Here’s a good gauge to figure out whether the weather should allow us to ride. Let’s be considerate to our equine partners!

The Heat Index is the sum of the temperature plus the humidity.
For example: if the temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity is 20%, then the Heat Index is 100 (80+20=100). If the Heat Index is less than 120, it is ok to ride. Start watching it as it rises above 120, at 150 your horse’s cooling system won’t work effectively. If it is greater than 180, your horse will be unable to thermo-regulate.

Check out the link below from The Horse Channel for some helpful hints on taking care of your horses, warning signs to watch for, heat management and more!

Blue knows how to stay cool…